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Film Credits: RFK

Written and Directed by
David Grubin

Produced by
David Grubin & Sarah Colt

Edited by
Deborah Peretz

Narrated by
Blair Brown

Music by
Michael Bacon

Associate Producer
Rachel Buchanan

Research Associate
Sarah Gottlieb

Additional Editing
Sharon Sachs

Assistant Editor
Don Bernier

James Callanan

Sound Recording
Roger Phenix

Additional Camera
Greg Andracke

Additional Sound
Joe Hettinger

Assistant Camera
Todd Liebler
Dick Williams
Jim Ball
Ulli Bonnekamp
Nate Clapp

Archival Research
Diana Claitor
Donna Coates
Susan Hormuth
Cathleen O'Connell

Fact Verification Researcher
Andrew Jenter

Production Assistant
P.J. Tobia

Research Interns
Julia Hyland Bruno
Jonathan Nahon

Video Photo-Animation
Frank Ferrigno/Framerunner

Online Editor
Evan Anthony/Framerunner

Rerecording Mixer
Ken Hahn/Sync Sound

Sound Editor
Tony Slocum/Sync Sound

Record Engineer
Neil Cedar/Sync Sound

Film Lab

Score Preparation
Sunny Kompanek

Photo Archives
AP/Wide World Photos
Photo by Bachrach
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
Boston Public Library Print Department
Burton Berinsky/LANDOV
Corbis Images
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Ralph Thronebery Photo -- The Fresno Bee
Hulton/Getty Images
Photo by Lou Harasty
Harris & Ewing - Stock Montage
Herbert Breuer
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston
Jimmie Mannas, Brooklyn NY
Kennedy Family Collection/John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
LBJ Library Photo by Edward Burke
LBJ Library Photo by Yoichi Okamoto
Congressman John Lewis
Library of Congress
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Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos
Philippe Halsman/Magnum Photos
Margaret McNamara
William Albert Allard/National Geographic
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Estate of Paul Slade
Robert F. Kennedy Photograph Collection, Courtesy Robert F. Kennedy Memorial
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The Estate of Stanley Tretick
Loomis Dean/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
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Art Rickerby/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Michael Rougier/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
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Paul Schutzer/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Hank Walker/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
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Copyright the Estate of Jacques Lowe - Woodfin Camp & Assoc.

Archival Film Provided by
Archive Films by Getty Images
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John F. Kennedy Library
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Robert F. Kennedy Memorial
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NBC News Archives
UCLA Film and Television Archive
U.S. Department Of Defense
West Virginia State Archives

Special Thanks
Jim Cedrone
Allan Goodrich
James Hill
Sharon Kelly
Jack Newfield
Sewall-Belmont House

Creative Advisor
Geoffrey C. Ward

For David Grubin Productions:

Office Manager
Chris Wolf

Vice President
Lesley Norman

For the BBC

Nick Fraser


Post Production
James E. Dunford
Gregory Shea

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-line Editor
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Mark Adler

Business Manager
John Van Hagen

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Vanessa Ruiz
Helen R. Russell
Rebekah Suggs

Jay Fialkov
Maureen Jordan

Director, New Media
Maria Daniels

Project Coordinator, New Media
Ravi Jain

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker
Leslie Sepuka

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Sharon Grimberg

Vice President,
National Programming
Margaret Drain

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

A David Grubin Productions, Inc. film for

© 2004 WGBH Education Foundation and David Grubin Productions, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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