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Scottsboro: An American Tragedy

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Voices from Scottsboro: Price Sues NBC for Slander

Excerpts from newspaper quotes

After the broadcast of "Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys," Ruby Bates, now Ruby Bates Schut, and Victoria Price, now Katherine Queen Victory Street, sued NBC for slander and invasion of privacy. Bates Schut died before the case came to trial, but Mrs. Street took the stand as before. The suit was dismissed, although a settlement was made out of court.

Victoria PriceVictoria Price
"I ain't done nothing but told the truth and nothing but the truth. I told it in every trial...; there has been over a thousand pages and every one of my pages is alike and if I had to do it all over... it would be the same thing again. Truth will stand where a lie will fall."

William Bradford Huie (friend of Ruby Bates Schut)
"Nine black boys on a train with two white girls? It was the most logical thing in the world."

Judge Neese
"We don't want the jury to start trying communism. What we want is for them to try this lawsuit."

Dan T. Carter
"I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that she was never raped. I am convinced to a moral certainty that, as Judge Horton put it, she "knowingly testified falsely in many material aspects of the case." I have read the prison letters of the Scottsboro defendants and talked to a bitter Clarence Norris. I cannot forget the suffering she needlessly inflicted upon nine black teenagers.... But if she had lied about the rape, she had done so because she lived in a setting which encouraged and rewarded this monstrous lie."

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