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Toni Anderson, Music Historian, on
The AMA's response

Toni Anderson Talk about this other question of what the stakes are, in terms of allowing these children to represent them.

Anderson : Well, certainly for the AMA, one thing that they had to consider was whether or not sending out a group of students from Fisk to represent the organization was a good idea. These students were fresh to education. They weren’t necessarily polished performers. In fact, they certainly weren’t polished performers. They were students of various ages and various backgrounds and various education attainments, educational levels. And so the AMA had to consider whether or not sending out a group of students who was going to represent them and represent their cause and stand as living testimonials of what their whole purpose for being was about was a good idea.

And how did the AMA respond?

Anderson : Initially, the AMA would not support the idea. So White appealed to General Fisk, who was the namesake of the school, asking if he would support the idea. And he cautiously replied that he would check with the AMA. So he did not support the group, either. And Cravath was White’s own brother-in-law. So even in terms of family appeal, he could not get the support that he desired from the AMA.

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