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Toni Anderson, Music Historian, on
The early tours

Toni Anderson Let’s talk about the early tours. Give me a sense of what it’s like on the road for them at first.

Anderson : Early on in the campaign were difficult days for the singers. They would sing, they would go to a concert, they would sing their hearts out, and they would receive these glowing reviews from all the critics, and the audience would respond, and they seemed well loved. And they would get some money, but it was only enough to cover expenses. Maybe sometimes there would be enough money to advance them to their next venue. Often George White would have to go back on stage and sort of beg for money just to pay their train bill, their transportation to get them to the next spot. So these were difficult days for them, because while they could see that there was potential in the group, and while George White could see that the audience loved them, they weren’t sending any money home to Fisk. And when they left Fisk, George White had taken all of the money out of the treasury except for one dollar. So they did not leave Fisk in very good straits. They needed to send home some money. But instead, they were getting good concert reviews, good audience response, but no money.

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