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Toni Anderson, Music Historian, on

The American Missionary Association (AMA)
The founding of Fisk University
Fisk's financial problems
George White
The Fisk University choir
The choir's repertoire
The need for money
The AMA's response
Taking the choir on the road
Ella Sheppard
The early tours
Becoming the Jubilee Singers
New York City
Performing for Henry Ward Beecher
The long-awaited AMA endorsement

John Hope Franklin, historian, on

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The South after the war
Reconstructing Nashville
The meaning of freedom
Educating freedmen
Missionaries in the South
Establishing Fisk University
Training teachers
Opposition to freedmen's education
Political obstacles faced by Fisk

Horace Clarence Boyer, musicologist, on
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The Negro Spiritual
Creating these songs
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Transcribing the spirituals
The Jubilee Singers
Audience Reaction to the Music
The Jubilee Tour

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