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If I Have My Ticket, Can I Ride

If I have my ticket, Lord, can I ride?
If I have my ticket, Lord, can I ride?
If I have my ticket, Lord, can I ride?
Ride away to Heaven in that mornin'.

This is what we Christians ought to do;
Be certain an’ sure that we are livin’ true.
For bye an’ bye, without a doubt,
Jehovah’s gonna order his Angels out.
They will clean out the world an’ leave no sin,
Now tell me, hypocrite, where you been?

I heard the sound of the Gospel train,
Don’t you want to get on? Yes, that’s my aim.
I’ll stand at the station an’ patiently wait
For the train that’s comin’, an’ she’s never late.
You must have you ticket stamped bright an’ clear,
Train is comin’, she’s drawin’ near.

Hope to be ready when the train do come,
My ticket all right an’ my work all done.
She’s so long comin’ till she worries my mind,
Seems to be late, but she’s just on time.

It keeps me always in a move an’ strain,
Tryin’ to be ready for the Gospel train.
Ever now an’ then, either day or night,
I examine my ticket to see if I’m right.
If the Son grant my tickit the Holy Ghost sighn.
Then there is no way to be left behind.

There’s a great deal of talk ‘bout the Judgment Day,
You have no time for to trifle away.
I’ll tell you one thing certain an’ sho’,
Judgment Day’s comin’ when you don’t know.
I hope to be ready when I’m called to go,
If anything’s lackin’, Lord, let me know.

Jubilee Songs | Andrew Ward

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