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Sister Aimee
Gallery: Selling Religion

From her earliest days as a traveling preacher to her Los Angeles years as a media phenomenon, Aimee Semple McPherson developed masterful skills of self-promotion. She, spread her religious message with the aid of the newest technologies, like radio, the automobile, and airplanes..

Browse a gallery showing McPherson's wide-ranging marketing activities.

Oakland Revival Poster Aimee and Harold McPherson posing in front of their "Camp Meeting" tent, St. Petersburg FL, 1916. McPherson in a white dress in front of the Gospel Car "Jesus is Coming Soon - Get Ready." 1918. November 1925 Bridal Call cover with image of McPherson in milk maid outfit
Many women in costume waiving tambourines above their heads; an old man with a theatrically long beard stands beside the women; performance of "The Iron Furnace," 1931. McPherson at center stage in front of an enormous rose; McPherson's hand is raised while seven women stand to either side of her. McPherson Campaign in NYC on Broadway. Marquis reads, "McPherson in Person" There is a huge image of McPherson that sits atop the marquis that is nearly 3 stories high. 1934. McPherson facing the camera, arms open in a Christ-like pose, overlooking a pulpit with a microphone attached.


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