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U.S. History to 1850

Native Americans and European Contact
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Special feature

Building the Alaska Highway
Scouting the Route [Non-Flash interactive]

Chicago: City of the Century
Do You Know Chicago? [Flash interactive]

Test your wits -- and compete with a friend -- in an interactive quiz. Flash with non-Flash version available.

Transcontinental Railroad
Native Americans [Text-based]

Professor Donald Fixico describes the West before settlement, and the railroad's impact on Native Americans.


Building the Alaska Highway
How to Build a Road [Flash interactive]

Visit Alaska locations and explore the history of the "last frontier" in this interactive map. Flash with non-Flash version available.

New York: The Center of the World
Layers of Lower Manhattan [Flash interactive]

See how Lower Manhattan has changed -- from 17th century Dutch fortress to 21st century financial center.

Remember the Alamo
States of Texas [Flash interactive]

From Native American territory to the 28th state in the U.S.A. -- explore the Texas region from the 16th century to U.S. statehood.

Primary source

Lost in the Grand Canyon
Three of the Powell Expedition Killed by Indians [Text-based]

Deseret Evening News, September 8, 1869.


Transcontinental Railroad
Gallery [Image-based]

Browse a photo gallery of settlers, Native Americans, and workers whose lives were affected by the railroad as it traversed the West.


Remember the Alamo
Timeline: Texas Settlement History [Text-based]


Remember the Alamo
Further Reading [Text-based]

Teacher's guide

New York: A Documentary Film
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Embark on learning adventures in citizenship, from New York to your town.