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U.S. History to 1850

Colonial and Early American Life
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Special feature

A Midwife's Tale
Behind the Scenes [Text-based]

Hear what producer Laurie Kahn-Leavitt and historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich have to say about producing A Midwife's Tale.

A Midwife's Tale
Frontier Communities [Text-based]

Find out about women's roles in turning the 18th-century frontier into settled communities.

A Midwife's Tale
Public and Private Piety [Text-based]

John and Abigail Adams
Behind the Scenes [Non-Flash interactive]

Get a bird's eye view of the production, on location in the historic Massachusetts towns of Quincy and Salem. A snapshot serves as your map to the cast and crew as they recreate the famous Boston Massacre Trial in Salem's Old Town Hall, and the first "White House" in Salem's Hamilton Hall.

John and Abigail Adams
Dearest Friend [Audio]

Listen to letters in which the couple discusses their relationship, life in the colonies, the Revolution, Europe, and their years in the presidency.

Remember the Alamo
An Alamo Visit [Text-based]

Texas historian Stephen Hardin describes what it's like to go to the Alamo today.

The Duel
The History of Dueling in America [Text-based]

The custom of dueling didn't begin in America, but it certainly had an impact on its early history.

Primary source

A Midwife's Tale
Martha Ballard's Diary [Text-based]

The Duel
Code Duello: The Rules of Dueling [Text-based]

There's a lot more to a duel challenge than slapping white gloves across someone's face. Outlined here are the 25 "official" rules.


A Midwife's Tale
Timeline [Text-based]

A Midwife's Tale timeline, plus events in science and medicine, and U.S. and Maine history


A Midwife's Tale
Further Reading [Text-based]

Teacher's guide

A Midwife's Tale
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Study colonial life and the value of primary sources, including diaries like Maine resident Martha Ballard's.

Remember the Alamo
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Gain insight into colonization and settlement, manifest destiny, frontier life, the Tejano role in early Texas history, slavery, U.S.-Mexican relations, famous military actions, heroism, multiple ways to tell history, and more.