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Postwar United States (1945 to early 1970s)

Postwar Domestic Policies
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Special feature

Fidel Castro
Filmmaker Interview [Text-based]

Cuban-born filmmaker Adriana Bosch talks about making her documentary.

Fidel Castro
Entrevista con la directora [Text-based]

Cuban-born filmmaker Adriana Bosch talks about making her documentary. (in spanish)

The Kennedys
Online Poll [Opinion (poll, submission, forum)]

In light of new information, would you vote for John F. Kennedy today?

The Kennedys
Joe and the FBI [Text-based]

Read a cache of memos and personal correspondence demonstrating Joe Kennedy's close connection with the FBI.

The Kennedys
The 35th President [Text-based]

Biographer Robert Dallek offers a historian's views on John F. Kennedy.

Legacy [Text-based]

How will history remember Harry Truman?


Building the Alaska Highway
How to Build a Road [Flash interactive]

Visit Alaska locations and explore the history of the "last frontier" in this interactive map. Flash with non-Flash version available.

Primary source

First Inaugural Address, 1953 [Text-based]

Eisenhower focuses on foreign policy, and says war is an abhorrent means of settling international differences.

State of the Union, 1954 [Text-based]

The president expresses a general interest in limiting government activism, and warns Americans against "the fatal materialism that plagues our age."

Farewell Address, 1961 [Text-based]

The former World War II general and soon to be retired commander-in-chief uses this opportunity to caution the American public "against the acquisition of unwarranted influence... by the military industrial complex."

State of the Union Address, 1957 [Text-based]

After making a plea for water and resource conservation, Eisenhower says he is determined to increase U.S. military and political strength.

The Kennedys
FBI Background Memo on Joseph Kennedy [Text-based]

The Kennedy patriarch is profiled in this FBI background paper.


The Kennedys
Kennedy Family Chronology [Text-based]


Further Reading [Text-based]

Further Reading [Text-based]

Further Reading [Text-based]

The Kennedys
Further Reading [Text-based]

Teacher's guide

Edison's Miracle of Light
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Learn how electricity changed American life, and the world.

Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Relive the 1979 nightmare of a feared nuclear meltdown, and learn more about politics, energy sources, and government responses to disasters.