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Contemporary United States (1968 to the present)

Environmental Issues
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Special feature

Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film
One Favorite Place [Text-based]

William Tweed, chief park interpreter for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, talks about his job and the giant beauties that he helps protect.

Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Inside the Three Mile Island Reactor [Flash interactive]

Follow a step-by-step description of the accident at Three Mile Island's nuclear power plant. Shockwave with non-Shockwave version available.

The Alaska Pipeline
You Do It: Safety [Non-Flash interactive]

Make the right choices and build a safe pipeline.

The Alaska Pipeline
You Do It: Pumping [Non-Flash interactive]

Move crude oil up and over a steep mountain pass.

The Alaska Pipeline
You Do It: Welding [Non-Flash interactive]

Explore one of the pipeline's crucial construction tasks.

The Alaska Pipeline
Online Poll [Opinion (poll, submission, forum)]

Do American energy needs justify drilling in wilderness areas?

The Alaska Pipeline
Alaska Flyover Video [Video]

Tour Alaska's beautiful landscape, with and without the pipeline. Two clips.


The Alaska Pipeline
Map: The Trans-Alaska Pipeline's Route [Image-based]

See the Alaska Pipeline's route from the North Slope to Valdez.

Primary source


Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Timeline of Nuclear Technology [Text-based]

Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Nuclear Power in the United States [Non-Flash interactive]

See lists all the commercial nuclear reactors in the U.S. on this map.

The Alaska Pipeline
Timeline: Alaska Pipeline [Text-based]


Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Bibliography [Text-based]

Teacher's guide

Ansel Adams
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Discuss the closing of the wilderness, the American West, California history, Japanese American internment, the natural environment, conflicts between economic growth and conservation of the American landscape, photographs as documentary historical sources, media literacy, and the role of art.

Building the Alaska Highway
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Travel to the American frontier and explore life in Alaska, World War II, the Pacific theater, homeland defense, African Americans and the military, the impact of a wartime economy, natural resource management, and infrastructure planning and development.

Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Teachers Guide [Text-based]

Relive the 1979 nightmare of a feared nuclear meltdown, and learn more about politics, energy sources, and government responses to disasters.