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Mike Pintek on: Evacuation Plans
Mike Pintek Q: Any feelings pro or con about evacuation plans?

MP: If they would have had to order an evacuation, there would have been pandemonium. I mean, think about it for a second. If you're going to evacuate five miles out, you're talking about a circle five miles from the plant, or ten miles out, which was one of the discussions. But that has ramifications, you know, further than, I mean, it's not only the ten miles, then you have ramifications at 15 miles, and 20 miles and hundred miles out. The idea of evacuating an area that size is just astoundingly incredible and all I could think of was just massive traffic jams with people trying to get out and piling on top of each other trying to get away. My wife worked in radio at that time, and her mother lived slightly south of York, PA, right near the Interstate 83 Expressway, and I remember saying to her that I would feel better, I would be able to do my job better if I knew that she was safe, so I asked her to please stay with her mother, right near the Expressway. And I said, "If you even hear of an evacuation, a hint of it, get on that Expressway and head south as fast as you can, try to beat the rush." But it would have been an astoundingly difficult process, to evacuate an area about, like that. I mean, these days if they have a toxic waste spill, they evacuate a couple of blocks. Well, that's a major undertaking, when you think about it. So it was a very incredible process and I don't think there were any plans in place really to do something like that. And they knew that. They didn't want to have to order an evacuation. That would have been the last thing that they would have wanted to do.

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