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Interview with Robin Kelley: Open Casket

Video: Robin D.G. Kelley
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1. Spark for a New Generation
2. Anger Transformed
3. Open Casket
4. Pressure on Mississippi
5. Heroines
6. Legacies of Emmett Till

Transcript: Mamie Till Bradley's decision to have an open-casket funeral was incredibly courageous and, in fact, it was the thing that was -- even more than his murder -- an emotional catalyst for many people who were drawn to this incident, largely because she made the decision to allow the world to see what these white supremacists did to her son, and it became an international event, and that image of his face was marked on just about every single black person, of that generation, let alone people in Europe and Africa and Asia who saw the same images. I know for me personally, when I first saw those images, years later, it was shocking to me. It was one of those unforgettable images that I think that every generation, years afterwards, will never forget.

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