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The Murder of Emmett Till
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Interview with Robin Kelley: Heroines

Video: Robin D.G. Kelley
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1. Spark for a New Generation
2. Anger Transformed
3. Open Casket
4. Pressure on Mississippi
5. Heroines
6. Legacies of Emmett Till

Transcript: We often think of Emmett Till as a case of a young man being murdered, but we don't always pay attention to what it meant for a young woman and young mother to stand up and really commit her life to activism, to social change. The courage that [Till's mother] exhibited, I think, was a role model for many of the women who were drawn to the civil rights movement. You know, we often talk about Fannie Lou Hamer or we talk about Ella Baker. We don't always talk about Mamie Till Bradley as one of those heroines who stood up at a time when not many women were being called forth in the struggle to that degree.

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