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The production team would like to acknowledge David Maraniss' book They Marched into Sunlight. Consult the further reading page for a list of more books and Web sites related to Two Days in October.

A number of people appeared on-camera or acted as consultants and are listed below. See the complete film credits for more information.

On-camera interview subjects
Consuelo Allen, daughter of Terry Allen Jr.
Mike Arias, private
Bud Barrow, first sergeant
Stuart Becker, police commission
Ned Brandt, director of public relations, Dow Chemical
Jane Brotman, student
Ernie Buentiempo, private
Jack Cipperly, assistant dean
Robert Cohen, graduate student
Tom Colburn, private
Joe Costello, private
Jim George, Alpha Company commander
Mark Greenside, student
Keith Hackett, Madison police
Tom Hinger, medic
Diane Sikorski Kramer, sister of soldier Daniel Sikorski
Nguyên Van Lâm, Viet Cong
David Maraniss, author, They Marched into Sunlight
Tom McCarthy, Madison police
Jack Olson, lieutenant governor, Wisconsin
James Rowen, student
Big Jim Shelton, major
Paul Soglin, student
Jean Ponder Allen Soto, widow of Terry Allen Jr.
Gerald Thompson, sergeant
Võ Minh Triêt, colonel, North Vietnamese Army
Mike Troyer, private
Clark Welch, commander of Delta Company
Maurice Zeitlin, professor

Senior Consultant
David Maraniss

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Two Days in October American Experience

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