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Film Clip from Two Days in October
See a video clip from Two Days in October on filmmaker Robert Kenner's Web site.

American Experience: Vietnam Online
The companion Web site to the series Vietnam: A Television History contains a timeline of the Vietnam War, profiles of key individuals, and special features on My Lai, POWs, and the weapons used in the war.

American Experience: Daughter from Danang
Find out about the controversial Operation Babylift, which evacuated more than 3300 children out of Vietnam at the end of the war in 1975. Browse a gallery of photographs of post-war Vietnam.

American Experience: Return With Honor
Return With Honor tells the story of American fighter pilots who were held as prisoners of war in North Vietnam. Find out more about their experiences, learn the tap code they used to communicate from cell to cell, and read a forum with the film participants.

American Experience: John F. Kennedy
Learn more about President Kennedy and the beginnings of American military involvement in Vietnam.

American Experience: LBJ
Learn more about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the escalation of the Vietnam War.

Battlefield: Vietnam
This Web site focuses on the military history and tactics in Vietnam, with a timeline and essays on guerrilla tactics, the air war, and the siege of Khe Sahn.

Re: Vietnam -- Stories since the War
The PBS series P.O.V. presents personal stories about Vietnam on this Web site.

PBS: The Sixties
Explore the decade that shaped a generation through war & peace, pop culture, revolutions, and politics.

The History Place
This Web site provides a detailed timeline of both military events in Vietnam and war protests in America.

Web Sites | Books

Karnow, Stanley. Vietnam: A History. New York: Penguin Books, 1997.

Maraniss, David. They Marched Into Sunlight. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2003.

Wells, Tom. The War Within. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.

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