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Firsthand Accounts

Image 1: Michael Arias' High School graduating class, 1966; Image 2: Michael Arias with fellow soldiers; Image 3: Michael Arias taking a dinner break in the field; Image 4: Michael Arias with fellow soldier in the field
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Michael Arias

'We had been told... we were not to mention that this was an ambush.'

Michael Arias was delivering laundry detergent and mouthwash door-to-door in Phoenix, Arizona when he was drafted. He wound up in Alpha Company of the Black Lions, as a radiotelephone operator. In the battle of October 17, 1967, Michael Arias led a group of soldiers out of danger with the aid of a compass. In 1996, his daughter married a man whose parents were part of the antiwar movement at the University of Wisconsin in 1967.

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