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Firsthand Accounts

Image 1: Diane with her brother Dan Sikorski; Image 2: Diane's brother Dan in Vietnam with fellow soldier; Image 3: Diane Sikorski ; Image 4: Diane with her brother Dan dressed in his boy scout uniform
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Before (0:51)
October 1967 (1:50)
Aftermath (2:11)
Reflections (0:49)

Diane Sikorski Kramer
soldier's sister

'I know Danny did the right thing... and I know that my son would do the right thing...'

Diane and Danny Sikorski grew up in the Polish working-class South Side of Milwaukee. Their father worked on the Miller Brewing Company assembly line. Danny played football at Boy's Technical High School and found work at a local tool plant after graduation. He enlisted in the Army upon receiving his draft notice and was soon sent to Vietnam. He wrote his younger sister often. Weeks after learning of Danny's death in combat, Diane received her last letter to him, stamped "Return to Sender/Verified Deceased".

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