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Firsthand Accounts

Image 1: Jim Rowen with his family; Image 2: Jim Rowen relaxing; Image 3: Jim Rowen with a friend in 1967; Image 4: Jim Rowen, far right, with friends in 1968
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Before (1:10)
October 1967 (2:56)
Aftermath (0:46)
Reflections (2:01)

Jim Rowen

'...during the antiwar movement,... people like me... were completely shut out.'

Jim Rowen grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., the son of a Washington Post writer. He became active in the civil rights movement while at high school and married Susan McGovern, U.S. Senator George McGovern's daughter. The couple enrolled at the University of Wisconsin and became active in the antiwar movement. In the 1970s, Jim Rowen served as the chief of staff to Madison's mayor, fellow U.W. alum and activist Paul Soglin.

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