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Firsthand Accounts

Image 1: Paul Soglin making a speech on Campus; Image 2: Paul Soglin with the City Council
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Before (1:44)
October 1967 (2:19)
Aftermath (0:56)
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Paul Soglin

'...this episode of Dow and then realizing how isolated we were, really reinforced my idea about running for the City Council...'

Paul Soglin grew up in Chicago in a politically active family. His father worked as a teacher without pay for two years, after refusing to sign a loyalty pledge required from state employees. His mother named him in honor of the African American performer and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson. Soglin entered the University of Wisconsin in 1962 and stayed until 1972, when he received his law degree. Soglin served as secretary of the local branch of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and wrote for the Daily Cardinal, a school newspaper. He became involved in city politics in 1968, first elected alderman for Madison's 8th district and then elected mayor in 1973.

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