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Firsthand Accounts

Image 1: Clark Welch ready to leave for Vietnam; Image 2: The Welch's on their wedding day; Image 3: Clark Welch and fellow soldier look at a map; Image 4: Clark Welch in Vietnam
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October 1967 (1:00)
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Clark Welch

'...I stayed in [the Army] to make it better for those few people that I could influence.'

Clark Welch grew up in Durham, New Hampshire. He enrolled in the Army out of high school, after a Marine recruiter told him he was too scrawny and an air Force recruiter said he could never be a pilot since he wore glasses. Welch served in the Army Special Forces in South America, Laos and Lebanon, before going to Vietnam, where he commanded the Delta Company division of the Black Lions regiment. He survived the battle of October 17, 1967 with multiple wounds. Decades later, Welch returned to the ambush site in Vietnam, where he met the man who commanded the Viet Cong soldiers against the Black Lions.

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