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Reflections on a War

Read personal essays from a variety of people connected with the Vietnam War. Then share your own thoughts or comments.

Ma Van KhangKnow How To Read a Great Book
A Hanoi writer reflects on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Vietnam: Few Heaven-Born Captains
An American Army officer portrays wrongheaded tactics in Vietnam.

Khanh TruongMemory of a Paratrooper
A writer and artist who served in the South Vietnamese army outlines his wartime experiences and his creative present-day response.

Christian LangworthyAn Amerasian Childhood in Da Nang
The son of a South Vietnamese mother and an American soldier describes his earliest years.

Albert FrenchTHE TIME (i remember): Chu Lia, Vietnam, 1965
A former Marine remembers his experience in Vietnam and reflects on God.

Nguyen Ba ChungThe Vietnam War and Vietnam
A writer with roots in both North and South Vietnam looks to Vietnam's long history to explain why the U.S. could not win the war.

Lady BortonStill in Hiding
An aid worker remembers wartime encounters with Vietnamese women and children, and describes women's roles as Viet Cong spies.

Larry HeinemannThe Nui Ba Den
An American veteran shares his one pleasing memory of Vietnam.

Pham Tien DuatThe Vietnam War: Remember in Order to Forget
A writer and war veteran describes the toll war takes on young lives.

Terry FarishWhy I Went to the War
A Red Cross worker describes her experience as a woman in a "men's war."

Leroy V. QuintanaFive Poems About Vietnam
An poet offers glimpses into his personal experience in the U.S. Army.

W. D. EhrhartThe Volunteer
A veteran examines his decision, at age 17, to join the Marines right out of high school.

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