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% From the moment of its debut, Vietnam: A Television History has been lauded as a watershed in television history. Read what the press had to say when the series was rebroadcast on PBS in spring/summer 1997.

"...acclaimed as TV's definitive chronicling of a messy mixed-up conflict that many Americans still hadn't sorted through -- or even completely come to understand... Vietnam: A Television History remains an exhaustive, hugely affective work. It's proof that pinpoint detail, vividly unshowy writing, and cool-eyed reporting that unearths both facts and context doesn't dull with age... much of the archival footage, and so many of the interviews, feel like peeks into places no one's been before.

For those who lived through the period, Vietnam: A Television History is the kind of retelling that can't be told enough. For those who didn't, it's a lesson they're unlikely to forget."

Atlanta Journal and Constitution
May 26, 1997

"Vietnam: A Television History, which debuted in 1983 and hasn't been shown since, has won every broadcast honor possible: six Emmys, the Peabody, Polk, duPont-Columbia and Eric Barnouw Award of the Organization of American Historians, to name a few...

Vietnam: A Television History has thus far stood the test of time for objectivity, balance and historical accuracy... [it] communicates the sense of tragedy as deeply and darkly as anything written by Shakespeare."

Baltimore Sun
May 26, 1997

"This is the purest nonfiction, a landmark documentary. The 1983 public television series Vietnam: A Television History, based on the book by Stanley Karnow, won every award when it was first broadcast and is recognized as one of the most important TV documentaries ever made... it remains the most thorough account of the war from leaders and civilians on both sides."

Denver Post
May 26, 1997

"Perhaps the easiest way to describe the impact Vietnam: A Television History had when it first aired in 1983 is to call it the Civil War of its era. Like Ken Burns' public-television documentary from the next decade, it was a critical peer and popular triumph, greeted by glowing reviews, a bevy of awards and more viewers than any similar PBS program had ever won... it forced Americans to confront their feelings about a murky, deeply divisive national conflict."

Chicago Tribune
May 26, 1997

"The beauty of Vietnam: A Television History is immediately apparent... It's not just the war, but its context. Viewers will see a history of lost opportunities and broken promises leading up to a widening American involvement, and bitter lessons from the French colonial period that Americans failed to heed."

San Francisco Chronicle
May 26, 1997

"Vietnam, which took six years to produce and which PBS says still ranks among its 10 most-watched series, did an excellent job of providing the background for the conflict and exploring the military action as well as the battles on the home front. The series paints an in-depth portrait of this most divisive of foreign wars."

Seattle Times
May 26, 1997

"When it first ran, this documentary was acclaimed as a TV landmark, as important as it was gripping, fair and balanced."

Houston Chronicle
May 25, 1997

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