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Montage of images and link description. George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire Imagemap: linked to kids and home
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Dan Carter, author, on

Wallace's early political ambition
Alabama politics in 1930-1940
Wallace's college years
1958 Gubernatorial race
Wallace's first defeat
the new speech writer, Asa Carter
Wallace's battle for segregation
the stand-off at the schoolhouse
Wallace's opposition

J.L. Chestnut, Civil Rights activist, on

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Wallace the judge
Wallace the racist
the scene during the 1960s
Wallace's 1963 inauguration speech
the stand at the schoolhouse door
blacks voting for Wallace
the shooting
Wallace's retirement speech
Wallace's impact on Alabama
Wallace's change of heart
the election of 1958
Wallace's legacy

Seymore Trammell, Wallace associate, on

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the power of politics
Barbour County politics
first encountering Wallace
the race issue in 1962
the fear of integration

Tom Turnipseed, Wallace staff, on

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being recruited by Jack Wallace
volunteers during the 1968 campaign
Wallace the politician
racism in the campaign
Wallace rallying the crowds
the '68 strategy
Wallace's appeal to the working class
whether Wallace was a true racist
the LeMay conference
the shooting
Wallace's legacy
his own regrets
his southern ancestry

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