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Seymore Trammell, Wallace associate, on
the race issue in 1962

Seymore Trammell Q:For the Wallace campaign in 1962, what was the issue?

A:The issue was actually one issue and that was segregation and integration. The race issue. The federal judge, and particularly Frank Johnson -- he had created a devil in Frank Johnson, and he began killing that devil. And that was the only real issue in the campaign. He might mention other things, but the people in the audience -- and they would be tremendous audiences -- because the word had gotten around what he was doing. So he would use words when he would be talking to the audience, and he would call Frank Johnson a bald-faced, scalawaggin', carpetbaggin', no-good, no-account, integratin' liar. And the people, when he would first start that phrase, they would start screaming and yelling because they had heard about it before. They had heard it over and over, and they would just scream to the point that they would drown him out completely, beating chairs against the floor, knocking their hats against the knees, and screaming and hollering and clapping, until Wallace would just give them time to saying anything, get completely relaxed. And just turn around and point to those signs that said, "Stand Up for Alabama." "The Fighting Little Judge." The Confederate flag. And the screams and applause would continue, and that's exactly what he wanted. And it was great news media. That was his issue. That was his only issue. And he was prepared to go with that one issue. He did, and he won the election.

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