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Seymore Trammell, Wallace associate, on
the fear of integration

Seymore Trammell Q: In private, did he believe that he could really stop integration?

A: No. He knew that he could not stop integration, but he knew that that was the issue, and the one issue that he could win on. And he would tell me privately, "Of course, Seymore, you know and I know that they're going to integrate everything that we've got because one little federal appointed judge down here has more power than all 50 of the governors put together. It will soon be that a governor will be no more than an expensive ornament to place on a mantle. They'll have no authority. It will all be run by the unelected federal court system, and that's what is going to destroy the country, but they're going to do it. They're going to integrate everything, which it will lead, of course, to the destruction of law enforcement, schools and all of those things."

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