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Tom Turnipseed, Wallace Staff on
Wallace's appeal to the working class

Tom Turnipseed Q:How did he appeal to the working folks?

A: Yeah, he appealed to the working man to the exclusion of black people, he did that. I mean, it's like we want to keep the white working man more than anybody else, and it would be fine if the blacks joined along if they wanted to keep things the way they were. And that is segregated schools and all the other things that he fought so long and hard for in his career as Governor of Alabama. Fighting desegregation, fighting civil rights, was the center point of what he did. He appealed to the blue collar constituency, the working class that really have more in common with blacks than they have divisions. But he was a master at driving that division, you know, like us and them. He knew how to do us and them politics, the old southern politics.

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