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Tom Turnipseed, Wallace Staff on
the shooting

Tom Turnipseed Q:What did you think when Wallace was shot?

A: Well, you know, I was afraid, we were afraid he was going to get shot in 1968 when Martin Luther King got shot and Bobby Kennedy got shot. And he was just the kind of guy that drew such strong feelings, and we were concerned then. And I wasn't really that surprised that he got shot; it bothered me a lot. I was still helping a little bit over in South Carolina on a kind of a contract basis in North and South Carolina with his campaign. And we flew up to Laurel, Maryland, and I thought particularly Cornelia was very courageous during all that, I thought. She was real tough and hung in there with him because she knew that politics just consumed him. Wallace was as close to a political animal as I've ever seen -- he just loved politics. She didn't and he didn't want it to be the end of his political career, which in effect, it almost was. But he hung in there and got elected again, you know, as governor, anyway. I was expecting it to happen sometime. I always thought we were real lucky to get through '68.

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