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Tom Turnipseed, Wallace Staff on

Tom Turnipseed Q:Do you think Wallace is a changed man?

A: A lot of people ask me whether or not that George Wallace has been sincere in talking about apologizing for some of the things he did in politics and whether or not he's a changed man. And I think he probably is. I wished he would even talk stronger about the problem of racism in this country, and how wrong he was and not keep talking about well, we thought we were doing the right thing, and we felt like in our times, we were doing the right thing. And he gets a little too much into that. I think we were doing the wrong thing and I just wish to God I hadn't been involved in it as much as I did or was involved in the politics of race, and that's what George Wallace was primarily involved in. And you can use all the racially coded, covert words you want to, but it's the same thing. And it's us against them. It's fear of black people. And all that goes with that. And I wished he'd just be a little bit stronger, you know, in speaking out about this, about how wrong it really was. And that he's sorry that it ever happened. And wished other people that continue today as we speak using so many of the exactly the same kind of racially coded politics at the national level, at local level, that continues right now today. I think he could have a very, very strong effect on if he'd speak out even a little stronger. I appreciate what he's done so far, and admitting how wrong it was. But he needs to go a little further I think.

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