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Was Wallace Sincere?

Please answer both of the following questions:

In 1982, in an address to a black congregation, George Wallace said, "whether or not you've agreed with me at everything that I used to do and agreed to -- I know that you do not -- I, too, see the mistakes that all of us made in years past." The politician who had once vowed "segregation forever" now asked for forgiveness. Critics, though, claimed that this was a calculated conversion.


Do you believe Wallace was sincere?





To some, Wallace was a man who initiated the conservative movement. To others, he was a blatant racist.

Was Wallace's impact on American politics positive or negative?






Did you watch the film, "George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire"? (Please vote "yes" if you watched at least half of the film.)





If yes, did it influence your answers?




I do not wish to vote but would like to see the current results

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