These discussion questions challenge students to talk aloud with other members of the class to broaden their ideas, challenge arguments, formulate positions on issues, hypothesize the influence of the past on current issues, and differentiate between fact and interpretation.

  1. Why did Europeans come to the New World? Why did they feel that land was there for the taking? How did they justify their expansion?
  2. How did generational differences between white settlers and Wampanoag affect the outcome of colonization? Examine the differences between Massasoit and his son, Philip, as well as Edward Winslow and his son, Josiah.
  3. How did the combination of disease, environmental imbalance, and new trading opportunities change Native communities? How did they adapt to survive?
  4. Why did Philip take a stand to fight a war even though he had been warned about its potential devastation? What caused such high casualties on both sides of King Philip’s War?
  5. Why do you think some Native people who converted to Christianity chose to fight with the English? Why didn’t tribes join together in fighting the English?
  6. Was conversion to Christianity the same thing among Native Americans as among Europeans? Were Native Americans converted in a European sense?
  7. Do you think the concept of religious damnation was alien to Native peoples? How do we know what tribes of this era believed?
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