These discussion questions challenge students to talk aloud with other members of the class to broaden their ideas, challenge arguments, formulate positions on issues, hypothesize the influence of the past on current issues, and differentiate between fact and interpretation.

  1. How did the murder of Geronimo’s family inform his actions and shape how he dealt with settlers?
  2. The Apaches fought a bloody guerrilla war for 25 years. Some chose not to fight. Why do you think others fought? Why did some choose to become scouts for the U.S. Army?
  3. How did Cochise differ from Geronimo? How was he similar to other Native leaders?
  4. Was Geronimo a hero?
  5. Should the U.S. government be held accountable for imprisoning an entire tribe? Is there anything that can or should be done today to make up for these actions?
  6. In the film, writer David Roberts says “By the 20th century, Geronimo comes to stand for the values we hold most dear in America: the lone battler, the champion of his people, the guy who never gives up, the ultimate underdog.” Why do you think this American “nostalgic sensibility” took hold? Can you think of other examples?
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