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Charles Pfaff's Beer Cellar
Tenement Housing
Bowery Theatre
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Newspaper Row
Park Theatre
Water Works/Fountain
Barnum's New American Museum
Fulton Street Seaport
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Brooklyn Heights
Fulton/Brooklyn Ferry


Engraving, "Street Views No. 1 Park Row," c1800.
NYPL Digital Gallery, The New York Public Library
"With the steam-ship, the electric telegraph, the newspaper, the wholesale engines of war,
With these and the world-spreading factories he interlinks all geography, all lands..."
- Years of the Modern (more...)

Whitman wrote for a variety of Manhattan newspapers while in his twenties. Newspaper publishers located their offices near City Hall, at the heart of New York's political and civic life. The intersection of Park Row and Nassau Street around 1860 earned the nickname "Printing-House Square." Still standing today are the old New York Times Building at 41 Park Row, and the Potter Building at 38 Park Row. (more...)










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