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Woodrow Wilson and Ellen Axson Wilson
September 29, 1883

... Are you thinking, my love, as you read this that you were not the first to win my love? And did I guess right when I guessed that what you were hesitating to ask was about a certain un-named lady of whom I told you once as we walked by the railroad? Well, to make the asking easy (if you want to ask) I'll volunteer one piece of information, which is that I never knew what love was until I knew you, and that, if it was love that I felt for the character which I supposed that lady to possess, it was a very contemptible dwarf beside the strong passion that is now at large in my heart and which leaps with such tremendous throbs of joy at thought of your love. You need not shrink from hearing me speak of what I have hitherto taken for love: for no woman, my darling, ever had more entire love given her than I have given you ...

Your own


June 21, 1885

... I wish I could put into this letter, my precious, some words of love that would make you treasure it more than you have ever treasured any of my other letters. I feel as if this last love-message were in some sort sacred. My deepest, strongest desire in marrying you, darling, is to make you happy, and I would put into this letter some word of love which would seem to your heart a sort of sweet preface to the book of love which we are about to open together, to read new secrets of sympathy and companionship. I would have you catch a glimpse of my purpose for the future and of the joy which that future contains for me, of the gratitude I feel for your priceless gift of love, and of the infinite love and tenderness which is the gift of my heart to you ...

... The next time that I hold you to my heart will be the happiest moment of all my life, and the delicious prelude to still happier hours when you will be constantly at my side to tell me of the love that is more than life to me. Darling, once more I pledge you all my love and honour. I love you. With all my heart, in all my thoughts and hopes and purposes I am

Your own


April 16, 1886

... You were never loved and yearned over more than you are at this present moment. My heart is full of you only. The excitements of going about and talking to all sorts of people, and seeing all sorts of things that demanded by attention kept the dull ache at the bottom of my heart yesterday in Washington. The night before, after leaving you, I felt simply dazed and stunned. But to-day my love for you has eclipsed every other energy. I am simply and wholly yours - every other part of my identity has apparently disappeared ...

Your own


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