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American Experience - Woodrow Wilson
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The Film & More

He was a gifted orator who was supremely confident before crowds, yet awkward in small groups.  An emotionally complex man, he craved affection and demanded unquestioned loyalty

An intellectual with unwavering moral principles, he led America onto the world stage at a time when war and chaos threatened everything he cherished. Woodrow Wilson explores the transformation of a history professor into one of America's greatest presidents. Wilson's life was shaped by great conflicts: the Civil War which he lived through as a child, and the First World War into which he reluctantly led America as president. The second conflict ultimately claimed him as a victim. While campaigning for his far-sighted League of Nations, he suffered a paralyzing stroke from which he never fully recovered. The only president incapacitated in office, Wilson carried out his duties from bed with the help of his wife Edith who became the de facto chief executive.

Film Description
A synopsis of the film, Woodrow Wilson.

Program transcripts of both episodes.

Behind the Scenes
Interviews with filmmakers Carl Byker and Mitch Wilson.

Primary Sources
Wilson's speeches, legislation during the Wilson Administration, plus personal letters and other historic documents.

Further Reading
Complete articles written by Woodrow Wilson scholars, plus a listing of websites relating to the individuals and subjects covered herein.

Credits for the documentary, website and the DVD.

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