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Zoot Suit Riots
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Film Credits: Zoot Suit Riots

Written & Produced by

Joseph Tovares

Directed by

Joseph Tovares

Narrated by

Hector Elizondo

Edited by

James Rutenbeck

Associate Producers/research

Desirée Garcia
Mylène Moreno


Michael Chin

Music by

Claudio Ragazzi

Sound Record

Scott Harber

Assistant Camera

Jill Tufts

Lighting Director

Chas Norton


Tom Clark
Dean Hayasaka


Robert Chambers
Carl "Buddy" Lenhart
Dave Bunge
Craig A. Love

Additional Cinematography

Peter S. Kreiger

Additional Sound

Perce Urgena
Claudia Katayanagi
Sara Chin

Archival Research

Joy Conley

Additional Research

Lena Sheehan
George J. Fogelson
Dan Lukenbill

Sound Design by 701 Sound

Ira Spiegel
Bruce Kitzmeyer
Gerald Donalan
Conor Guy

Sound Mixer

Robert Fernandez


Greg Conners


Berle Cherney
Ed Joyce

On-line Editor

Mark Steele

Production Design

Susan Gaedke
Brian Cobb


Kristin Nelson


Erin Doyle


Deb Doyle

Location Scout

Deb Doyle
John P. Crowley
Linda Emmons-Cunningham


Salome Aguilar, Jr.
Patrick Cardenas
Isaac Robledo
Andrew Aguilar
Joey Mata
Stephen Acevedo
Andrea M. Bueno
Raymond A. Ortiz III
Dannette S. Garcia
Cynthia De La Garza

Special Thanks

Kevin Stein
Raul Tovares

Archival Film Provided by

Historic Films
Archive Films
WPA Film Library

Archival Photos Provided by

Don Normark
AP/Wide World Photos
Leyvas Family
Corbis-Bettmann, Inc.
Jim Heiman
Library of Congress
Los Angeles Public Library
Diaz Family
Los Angeles Times
Carlos Espinoza
Theodore Encinas
Regional History Collection, University of Southern California
Special Collections, University of California, Los Angeles
Ventura County Historical Society
Water/Transportation Authority, Los Angeles


Eduardo Obregón Pagán
Edward Escobar
Elizabeth Escobedo
Don T. Sine

Creative Consultant

Paul Taylor

Production Assistants

Paulette Orona
Nikki Young
Gabriel Monts


Debra von Colln
Heather Chapman
Michael Equi
Patrick Carey
Sarah Smythe
David LaMattina
Scott Lawrence
Molly Goggin
Elida Kamine






Post Production

James E. Dunford
Rose M. Compagine
Greg Shea

Series Designer

Alison Kennedy

On-line Editor

Mark Steele

Sound Mix

John Jenkins

Series Theme

Mark Adler

Business Manager

John Van Hagen

Project Administration

Nancy Farrell
Vanessa Ruiz
Helen R. Russell
Rebekah Suggs

Director, New Media

Maria Daniels

Interactive Media

Danielle Dell'Olio


Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker

Coordinating Producer

Susan Mottau

Series Editor

Sharon Grimberg

Senior Producer

Mark Samels

Executive Producer

Margaret Drain



© 2001
WGBH Educational Foundation
All rights reserved

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