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Zoot Suit Riots
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Further Reading

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Murders, Crimes, and Scandals in Los Angeles
The Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern California provides some information on the Sleepy Lagoon murder, along with a bibliography of books and articles on the case.

Alice McGrath on the Black Press
In an interview for the PBS documentary, "The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords," Sleepy Lagoon activist Alice McGrath describes the role the black press played in events.

Alice McGrath on Activism
The San Francisco publication MetroActive published this article about the film From Sleepy Lagoon to Zoot Suit: The Irreverent Path of Alice McGrath, including an interview with McGrath.

The Zoot Suit and Style Warfare
Explore a scholarly 1984 article on the politics of the zoot suit, by Stuart Cosgrove.

1943 Newspaper Clippings
Read selected newspaper articles from 1943, compiled by Elliot Gorn and others for their 1970 publication, Constructing the American Past: A Sourcebook of a People's History.

Zoot Suit Riot Web Project
Charles Sharp of the UCLA Ethnomusicology Department looks into the Cherry Poppin' Daddies' 1998 hit, "Zoot Suit Riot" -- and delves into the renaissance of swing music and dance and the reactions of modern-day zoot suiters, as well.

Zoots by Suavecito
Wondering where to buy a modern-day zoot suit? Check this Denver clothing store's site for everything from suits to hats to shoes.

Web Sites | Books

Escobar, Edward J. Race, Police, and the Making of a Political Identity: Mexican Americans and the Los Angeles Police Department, 1900-1945. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1999.

Klein, Norman M. and Martin J. Schiesl, eds. 20th Century Los Angeles: Power, Promotion, and Social Conflict. Claremont: Regina Books, 1990.

Mazon, Mauricio. The Zoot-Suit Riots: The Psychology of Symbolic Annihilation. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1984.

Normark, Don. Chavez Ravine, 1949: A Los Angeles Story. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1999.

Romo, Ricardo. East Los Angeles: History of a Barrio. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1983.

Sanchez, George J. Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993.

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