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Teacher's Guide: Hints for the Active Learning Questions


  1. You might prefer to hold a class debate on this topic.
  2. Lists of prominent Hispanic Americans can be found in Who's Who Among Hispanic Americans at the library, and on the Web at


  1. Try to ensure that groups choose a variety of past decades and a variety of presentation forms.
  2. Students might also want to review the Mexican American Youth Committee letter to Henry Wallace and the article on the Sleepy Lagoon defendants for information on the lives of young Hispanic Americans in the 1940s.


  1. All of California, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, were acquired as a result of the war.
  2. The Naval Reserve Armory in Chavez Ravine was near the Hispanic barrios of Los Angeles. The interaction between sailors and residents of the barrios sparked the violence.


  1. You could use these presentations as springboards for a class discussion on what brands students like and why, as well as how students' brand loyalties have changed as they have gotten older.
  2. This discussion would provide a good opportunity to explore constructive methods of promoting social change.

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