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Antiques Roadshow FYI | Behind every treasure lies a story ... Wednesday at 8:00pm on PBS
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Web Site Credits

Antiques Roadshow FYI Online is produced by WGBH Interactive

Title Names
Executive Producer Howard Cutler
Managing Editor/Producer Luke Crafton
Lead Developer Daniel Bulli
Senior Designer Kim Ducharme
Tyler Howe
Design Production Assistant Anthony Cerasuolo
Production Coordinator Marisa Nopakun
Special Projects Assistant Tina Lim
Content Contributor Dennis Gaffney

Television Series Credits

Antiques Roadshow FYI is produced for PBS by WGBH Boston

Title Names
Executive Producer Marsha Bemko
Senior Producer Robert Marshall
Segment Producer Ines Hofmann
Series Editor James Rutenbeck
Coordinating Producer Sam Farrell
Series Associate Producer Pamela Lipton
Associate Producer Sarah K. Elliott
Jill Giles
Host Segment Producer Jeff Cronenberg
Post Production Supervisor Judy Bourg
Consulting Producer Dan Farrell
Online & Promo Editor Mandy Minichiello
Unit Manager Amy Letourneau
Production Assistant Adam Monahan
Editing Assistant Russell Kaye
Camera Bob Birkett
Kevin F. Burke
Boyd Estus
Steve Golden
Stephen McCarthy
Ned Miller
Michael Simon
Field Audio Fred Burnham
Frank Coakley
Charlie Collias
Drew Levinson
Greg Quedens
Sound Mix Dan Lesiw
Gaffer Guy Holt
Grip Jeff King
Original Music Tom Phillips
Lara Spencer's Hair Gregg Giannillo
Intern Matt Green
Eliza Ornstein

Special Thanks

Lara Spencer appears courtesy of The Insider

For WGBH Interactive

Title Names
Director Ron LaRussa
Associate Director Ray Joyce
Design Director Toby Bottorf
Director of Technology -
Research & Development
Jon Alper
Director of Technology -
Peter Pinch
Business Manager Adriana Sacchi
Unit Manager Jim Barton


Title Names
Senior Executives
VP, National Programming Margaret Drain
VP, Special Telecommunication
Services and Children's Programming
Brigid Sullivan

Director of Budget Development Mimi Curran
Associate Director of Budget Development Nancy Englander

Legal Counsel Susan Schisko
Karen Basemen
Paralegal Paul Dickinson


Chris Pullman
Alison Kennedy
Dennis O'Reilly
Bruce Walker


Judy Matthews
Johanna Baker
Tom Stebbins
Becky Bourdeaux

Station Relations

Ben Schwartz

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