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Antiques Roadshow FYI | Behind every treasure lies a story ... Wednesday at 8:00pm on PBS
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Series Overview

What happens to the stuff after the owners leave the convention hall? ... Where can I get the best deals? ... What are the hot collectibles right now? ... What do the appraisers collect?

Fans of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW have wrestled with these weighty questions since the hit PBS series debuted eight years ago. Beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2005, at 8pm ET on PBS, the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW proudly present this brand-new weekly series of 26 half-hour programs, revealing the answers to these questions and more!

Hosted by ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Lara Spencer with correspondent Clay Reynolds, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI is the perfect complement to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW — a digest that gives viewers tools to enrich and improve their own treasure hunts. A cross-country excursion with stops in America's top antiques shows and auctions. Candid conversations and trade secrets from ROADSHOW experts. Unsolved mysteries surrounding stolen works of art and surprising updates on treasures from past ROADSHOW episodes.

Each ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI episode offers a variety of segments, book-ended by two recurring features: "ROADSHOW Updates" kicks off each show with answers to the most frequently asked question of them all: Did the owner of that object we saw on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW ever sell it? Wrapping up each episode, "Missing Masterpieces" explores the antiques trade's legendary tales of great objects gone astray. Are they lost forever or hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered?

Other ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI segments put experts front and center to talk about buying and selling antiques and collectibles, including insider tips on what's hot and what's not, the difference between buying at auction or through a dealer, and how to make an auction experience goof proof.

And on the road, Clay Reynolds will check out the action at some of America's most popular antiques events and venues, from auctions, to thrift and antiques shops, to flea markets.

Fascinating Features

From coast to coast, ROADSHOW FYI leaves no stone unturned in search of the most interesting, personal, and juicy stories behind the world of antiques. Whether it's behind-the-scenes of some of America's most popular antiques events and auctions, or between-the-aisles of thrift shops and flea markets, the profiles of collectibles and collectors who love them will amaze and delight.

Roadshow Updates

Each week ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI answers the most-frequently asked question of them all: Did the owner of that object we saw on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW ever sell it? (And how much did he get?!) We go straight to the source — the owners themselves — to find out whether they took their heirloom or flea-market find and sold it to a dealer, auctioned it off, or donated it to a museum.

Missing Masterpieces

Wrapping up each episode, Missing Masterpieces scans the latest headlines and the archives for stories of great objects gone astray. The antiques trade is filled with legends of great pieces gone missing. Are they lost forever or hiding in plain sight, waiting to be rediscovered? We may never know for certain if some missing masterpieces have been stolen or destroyed, but these mysteries are sure to bring the amateur detectives out of many viewers.


Appraisers take center stage to help viewers traverse the antiques landscape and keep ahead of the curve. What's hot and what's not? What's the difference between buying at auction or through a dealer? How do you make an auction experience goof-proof? ROADSHOW FYI experts tackle these questions and more.

Only Online — The FYI Forum

Log on and share your own lessons learned and stories of antiquing adventure with other enthusiasts in our FYI Forum!

Funding for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI is provided by public television viewers.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI is closed captioned for viewers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing by The Caption Center at WGBH Boston.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI is produced for PBS by WGBH Boston. Executive producer is Marsha Bemko.

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