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Beatles “Butcher” Album

Beatles Album Cover
Rare Beatles album helps buy new roof and a stroll on Abbey Road.

FYI Correspondent Clay Reynolds caught up with Jan, a visitor to the Chicago ROADSHOW in summer 2003. Jan had brought in a rare classic Beatles album she found in a pile of albums from her high school days after someone had told her she could never have found it in a store. Jan had purchased it for $2.99 at Sears on the only day the album was sold with the controversial (and slightly creepy) “Butcher” album cover. The album featured the Beatles wearing bloody butcher’s aprons and holding raw meat and body parts of plastic baby dolls. Shortly after the album hit the shelves, it was recalled amid concerns over its design, and new, safer cover art was pasted over the previous ones. Following the Roadshow, when Gary Sohmers appraised Jan’s album at around $10,000, he hooked her up with some people who were planning a rock-and-roll auction. Jan and her son attended, so that they could submit the album for auction. Jan says they met the Who’s Who of rock-and-roll memorabilia at the auction. And after having their treasure appraised once more, it was indeed auctioned off for over $10,000. Jan says part of the proceeds went towards roof repairs for her house (quite a novelty to claim that the Beatles helped you buy a new roof!). And the rest of the money paid for a trip to London so that Jan could walk across Abbey Road.

posted on 01.18.05

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