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Camp-In Curriculum: Facial Features

Boy or girl (only flip one coin -- the mother always contributes the same trait)
H = girl

T = boy

HH or HT = freckles

TT = no freckles

Ear lobes
HH or HT = ear lobes unattached TT = ear lobes attached
Diagram of an ear with unattached lobes
Diagram of an ear with attached lobes
Cleft chin
HH or HT = absent V TT = cleft chin

Diagram of chin Diagram of cleft chin
Hair color
HH = black

HT = brown

TT = blonde

Hair curliness
HH = curly

HT = wavy hair

TT = straight hair

Lip color
HH = red

HT = rosy pink

TT = pale pink

Eye Color -- Eye color is a combination of at least two genes, flip the coin four times to determine your person's eye color.
Gene 1. HH = dark brown

HT = light brown

TT = blue

Gene 2. HH = intense yellow

HT = pale yellow

TT = no yellow

(1)HH + (2)HH = medium brown/hazel
(1)HH + (2)HT = brown
(1)HH + (2)TT = dark brown

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