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Camp-In Curriculum

On January 23, 1998 3,000 campers and 15 museums around the country will participate in a national Science Odyssey camp-in. After an action-packed evening of sending a message in Morse code, determining hand and eye dominance, and generally exploring 20th century science, the campers will compile a survey of some of their genetic and behavioral traits.

You can take the survey and see how you compare to the 3,000 campers (after January 23, 1998), or continue scrolling down and browse the Sending Messages curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. This curriculum can be printed from the screen and used in your classroom, club, church, library or home. Feel free to use only a few of the experiments or create your own Sending Messages Camp-in (but remember to rest up first!).

  • Camp-In Overview
  • Activity Summaries
  • Making Connections
  • Getting Started
  • Wrapping Up
  • Sample Camp-In Schedule
  • Chronology
  • Background and Introduction
  • Build a Circuit
  • Make an Electromagnet
  • Send a Message
  • Morse Code Chart
  • Background and Introduction
  • It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Modeling a Computer Search Algorithm
  • Circuit Boards
  • Background and Introduction
  • Unique You
  • Nature or Nurture?
  • Face It!
Everyday Technology
  • Take Apart Shop
Putting It Together -- Camper Survey Additional Resources
  • Even More Teaching Ideas
  • Master List of Materials
  • Sources for Materials
  • References

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