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Testing the Virtue of Virtual

Overview: Research a topic using two techniques
Learning Goal: Discover assets and weaknesses of the Internet as research tool
Video Link: The Internet

Have the class generate two questions about something students are studying and would like to know more about. They might wonder, Can you predict an earthquake? What's a neutrino? Was Freud crazy? Factual, theoretical, even silly questions will work, as long as an answer can be researched.

Form two teams. For the first question, one team researches the answer using the Internet; the other team uses the library or other sources. For question two, have teams switch research methods. (Give teams the same amount of time for each question.) When they have finished, teams can report on the findings for each question. Discuss possible reasons for any variations in amount or type of information discovered. Also ask students how much time it took to find information they were looking for. Did they communicate with anyone outside the group (e.g., librarian, systems operator)? What problems or frustrations did they run into? What was most satisfying about the research strategies they used? Did students find anything else that interested them during their search? Did they encounter any advertising during their search? If so, how much?

View the video segment about the Internet. Do students think it is an accurate portrayal of the technology they experienced?

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