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Issue 2
Winter 1998
This is the second of three Science Odyssey newsletters.
Inside each issue you'll find project updates and ideas for using Science Odyssey materials.
Spread the word -- please photocopy and share these newsletters.

Using The Science Odyssey Web Site

The Science Odyssey Web site has lots of fun, interactive ways to continue exploring twentieth-century science. Before introducing the Web site to your youth, spend some time exploring on your own to decide which features (listed below) best match your program. From there, the options are endless. For example, you might:

  • Introduce the site features through the Search the Site! game (on the next page).

  • Connect specific site features to activities from other Science Odyssey materials. (For example, link the "Technology at Home" You Try It to the "Evolution or Revolution" activity from the educator's guide.)

  • Have kids select their favorite people and events from the site's People and Discoveries databank to add to the Science Odyssey poster's time line.
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