Geriatric Care Management

While family caregivers possess a great deal of knowledge about what their elders need, sometimes making decisions about services and coordinating them over time can be overwhelming. Additional professional advice and expertise can be very helpful, especially when you are a first-time caregiver. You do not need to do this alone!

Geriatric Care Managers ("GCMs") are nurses, social workers, counselors, or gerontologists. You can find one by calling your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA), hospital, rehab center, community service center, or multi-service private home care agency.

GCMs are experienced in working with families, evaluating needs, and dealing with complicated family dynamics. They will make home visits and assist in determining eligibility for resources. If you live in a different state from the elder you care for, a GCM can be very helpful is overseeing your elder's care. GCMs can:

If you work with a geriatric care manager through a publicly subsidized program, the services will be free of charge or provided on a sliding scale. If you are paying for a geriatric care manager privately, it is expensive. The average hourly rate varies by location and experience, but in 2008 expect to pay from $90–$200 an hour out-of-pocket for assessments and care management.

A national organization of private geriatric care managers provides names and background information about care managers in every state. For more information visit the Web site of the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers and click on "Find a Care Manager."

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