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Commanding Heights
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  Key Content Features of the Site

  Note: Rich media features of the site have strict technical requirements. If your system does not meet these requirements, attempting to access rich media features may crash your browser or freeze your computer. Please review the site's technical requirements before accessing rich media features.


  An on-demand netcast of the complete six-hour television series, divided into short chapters. The rich-media (broadband) version of Storyline includes synchronized enhancements with each chapter -- special interactive features designed to add context and depth to the narrative. The low-bandwidth version of Storyline provides non-synchronous access to these same enhancements from the chapter menus.


  The broadband version of the site offers an interactive atlas of world economic history from 1910 to the present. The rich-media Time-Map allows users to track changes in economic philosophy and policy for 41 major nations across more than 90 years, and to spot and learn about flashpoints -- key events that have had major impact on the evolution of the modern global economy. The low-bandwidth version of the site lacks the Time-Map but includes Key Events, a list of all 84 flashpoints crosslinked to related content resources on the site.


  The site includes detailed reports on the 41 countries represented on the Time-Map. Rich-media versions of the country reports require QuickTime 5.0.2. The low-bandwidth country reports may be viewed with any browser. These reports include up to eight categories of textual information about the last century of economic development, plus graphs of key economic indicators such as GDP growth, per capita income, inflation, government spending, balance of trade (C.A.B.), and debt, where and whenever reliable data are available.


  Profiles of 20 Economic Architects whose ideas and actions, through trial and error, have helped define the modern global economy, plus transcripts of more than 50 extensive interviews with world leaders, economists, and activists from 16 different countries who have played a direct role in the evolution of the modern global economy. Many interviews are accompanied by video clips and profiles.


  Text essays from a number of sources, including the Commanding Heights book, plus video essays excerpted from the series that explain theories, facts, and trends that drive our understanding of economic forces and events. This section also includes a glossary of economic terms and Up for Debate, a compendium of contrasting views on key issues and events in recent economic history, assembled from the archive of interviews conducted during production of the television series.


  We urge viewers to discuss topics related to the site and the series and to participate in ongoing debates on the Commanding Heights bulletin board at Students can compare their own thoughts and opinions with those of the general public and discuss their own interpretations of economic events.


  A sophisticated internal Search engine enables the user to locate quickly all site content related to a given theme, event, person, idea, nation, or date. Search results are returned by genre: glossary entry, country report, profile, essay, interview, Storyline video chapter, etc. This makes it extremely easy for educators to assess whether the site has sufficient resources relevant to a given subject to warrant inclusion in the design of a study assignment.


  A bibliography and compendium of links to other resources related to the program and its content, including e-commerce links to purchase the book, video, and DVD. Also included are complete credits for the series and site.

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