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Commanding Heights
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  What technology is required?

  Using the Rich-Media (Broadband) Version of the Site


Hardware Requirements
The rich-media version of Commanding Heights Online requires

-- EITHER --

an Intel Pentium II 600 or better, running Windows 98 or later, with 24 MB of RAM available to your Web browser,

-- OR --

a Mac G3 500 or better, running MacOS 8.6 or later (9.2.2 or Mac OS X 10.1.3 recommended), with 24 MB of RAM available (and allocated to your browser if you are running "Classic" MacOS).

For info on allocating RAM on "Classic" Mac Operating Systems, see

Browser and Connection Requirements
Your browser must be

-- EITHER --

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later

-- OR --

Netscape Navigator 4.7 or later.

You also need Apple's QuickTime, version 5.0.2 or later.

To download QuickTime free of charge, go to

In addition, your computer needs to have a high-speed (broadband) connection to the Internet via Ethernet, cable modem, or DSL.

  Using the Low-Bandwidth Version of the Site


The text-friendly low-bandwidth version of Commanding Heights Online requires that your computer have

-- EITHER --

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later

-- OR --

Netscape Navigator 4 or later.

Any dial-up modem connection will be sufficient to download html pages, but 56kb or faster is recommended if you want to watch video from the low-bandwidth site.

If you want to view video, you'll also need one of the following media players:

Windows Media (7 or later), Real Media (G2 or later), or QuickTime 4.

These can be downloaded, free of charge, from

Links to related content (the enhancements) for each video chapter are listed in the low-bandwidth chapter menus (see Storyline).

  Using the Site with DVD Video


The DVD release of Commanding Heights uses the same episode and chapter structure as the Storyline netcast on the site (only the name of the last chapter of Episode Three has been changed). One episode is contained on each DVD disc.

For users who want a larger video image, or users with Internet access too slow or unreliable to deliver acceptable-quality video, an interactive presentation is possible using two screens -- the TV and computer together.

Chapter enhancements are listed on the low-bandwidth version of each episode's chapter menu. Control chapter video playback on your television using the DVD menu while you display the corresponding chapter menu page on your computer (see Storyline to select your episode). Pause the episode video at any time using your DVD remote control, and access the related content links from the corresponding chapter menu on the computer.

You can use the Search function of the web site to identify which video chapters contain the exact content you are looking for. Simply enter your search term(s), click Go, and scroll down through the results until you reach the section titled Storyline; here you'll find any relevant video content listed by episode and chapter. If you don't see Storyline listed in the Search results, it means that no video chapters contain content that is identified with your search term(s).

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  Using the Site with VHS Videocassettes


The VHS version of the series also follows the three-episode structure used in Storyline, with one episode on each tape.

While the VHS tapes of the program episodes have no internal chapter structure, you can use you VCR counter to locate and fast-forward to specific chapters. Print out the video tape chapter log to use as a guide.

Use the Search feature on the site or the low-bandwidth version of the Storyline episode menus to identify the chapters (and related links) you are interested in.

Use the video tape chapter log to find the counter number associated with each episode chapter you want to view. Set your VCR counter to 00:00:00 as soon as the FBI warning at the head of each tape disappears from the screen. Then fast-forward until the counter displays the number you are searching for.

VCR counters are not exact, so you may need to "jog" the tape a bit to find the exact starting point you want.

While watching the chapters via VCR, you can pause at any time using your remote control and access the related content links from the corresponding chapter menu displayed on the computer screen.

VHS Chapter Logs: Episode One | Episode Two | Episode Three

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