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Flashpoints -- Explore controversy in the arts, from ancient to modern times, by reading about examples from the visual arts; literature; theater, film, and video; and music and dance. Each entry offers a brief essay on a work of art -- from Michelangelo's David to Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels -- and examines why and how it was controversial.

Who Decides? How and Why? -- Use this part of the site to develop lessons offering students multiple perspectives and critical thinking. Look for definitions of censorship in What is Censorship?. Read about the various rating systems and other methods used to regulate the arts in Criteria and Codes. Find out about the First Amendment and the arts. You'll also have a chance to explore the roles that are involved in the censorship process in Decision Makers. Each section includes questions which may be of use in the classroom.

"In Your Face" Questions -- Check here for a list of provocative questions that you may want to use yourself or with your students. (See also the Discussion Questions.)

"You Decide" -- Follow a step-by-step examination of three controversies:

Soapbox/Forum -- Join a discussion about teaching controversial topics in the classroom and other issues related to the series and the Web site.

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