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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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About the Online Course for Teachers

The WGBH Educational Foundation and Clear Blue Sky Productions welcome you to the Evolution project's "Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution."

Evolution is one of the most powerful ideas ever to emerge from science. It is the very foundation of biology and the key to understanding our own human origins. Yet, evolution ranks as one of the most widely misunderstood scientific principles in America today.

To address this, leading public broadcaster WGBH Boston and acclaimed documentary and feature film production company Clear Blue Sky Productions have joined together to bring you Evolution. This groundbreaking project includes a PBS series, content-rich Web site, and extensive educational resources.

This online course is intended to deepen your own understanding of evolution with extensive content-rich materials, interactive exercises, primary source readings and in depth exploration of scientific concepts. To bring it back to your classroom, it is linked to National Science Standards and enlarged with applications to classroom teaching.

"Teaching Evolution" will enrich both your own -- and your students' -- understanding of evolution and it's relevance today!


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